CFMT: Functional Manual Therapy® Certification

CFMT Application  

2023 Space Available
2021 & 2022 Wait Listed


Board of Directors
Gregory S. Johnson, PT, FFFMT FAAOMPT
Vicky Saliba Johnson, PT, FFFMT, FAAOMPT
Kent Keyser, MS, PT, COMT, OCS, ATC, 
Timothy Crunk, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CFMT, FAAOMPT

It is our philosophy that, through a series of integrated continuing education courses, physical therapists can achieve a level of clinical competence. This competence should reflect both the system in which they train as well as their own creativity in applying the Art of Physical Therapy to both orthopedic and neurologic patient populations. The certification programs provide those who have completed the required course work with an opportunity to demonstrate that they have in fact reached a competency level of understanding, integrating, and applying the principles and procedures taught in The Institute curriculum.

The Certification week is held the first full week of August each summer in Steamboat Springs, CO, and is an intense 4 days of review (1/2 day per course) followed by 2 days of written and oral/practical testing. Following is the required course work:
FM I: Functional Mobilization I
CFS: CoreFirst™ Strategies for Back Education and Training
PNFI: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation I (Note:  The Kaiser Vallejo program will not prepare you to pass the PNFI exams.)
FMUE: Functional Mobilization Upper Extremity
FMLE: Functional Mobilization Lower Extremity
FMLT: Functional Mobilization Lower Trunk
FMUT:  Functional Mobilization Upper Trunk
Functional Gait
FMT Foundations  This course is offered by Crunkeyser, LLC.  Register at


We encourage students to re-take courses and volunteer to lab assist at courses in preparation for certification.  

The CFMT review/certification is conducted over a six-day period. Monday through Thursday are dedicated to review, with a half-day allotted to each of the eight required courses. These review sessions will highlight the key concepts of each course and allow for specific lab practice of many of the techniques. At the end of the Thursday afternoon session, there will be a panel discussion with all Board members to address the concepts of integrating the eclectic approaches from each course. This will assist the candidate in developing a conceptual framework for the integration of the treatment approaches and procedures into a comprehensive functional treatment approach. The Thursday session will last approximately one hour longer due to this added component. Friday and Saturday are devoted to written and oral/practical testing.

Day AM Session PM Session
Monday PNF I 8:00-12:30 CFS 1:30-5:30
Tuesday FM I 8:00-12:00 FM II 2:00-7:00
Wednesday FMLQ 8:00-12:00 FMUQ 1:00-5:00
Thursday Foundations 8:30-1:00
Friday Written and Oral/Practical examinations 7:45 am to 6:15 pm
Saturday Written and Oral/Practical examinations  7:45 am to 6:15 pm
Saturday Wrap up is immediately following the testing

Review and testing will be held each summer during the Certification week the first week of August in Steamboat Springs, CO. This certification is open to Physical Therapists only. 

To pass, the student must achieve a score of at least 70% in each written and each oral/practical section for each course, and a minimum of 80% combined score for each course.


Due to the time required to test each individual, the testing for CFMT is limited to 32 applicants per session. As a result of demand exceeding availability, we have adapted the following procedures in the pursuit of fairness:

Applications for certification will be accepted on an ongoing basis, do not wait to register. We accept registrations for several years into the future on an ongoing basis. We will accept applications via email, regular mail, or fax. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE IN ORDER FOR YOU TO BE ACCEPTED INTO THE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. You may apply for any upcoming year. If the year you are applying for is full, you will be placed in the first available opening.  Wait lists for years that are full will be comprised of registrants in the following year, in the order the applications were received. 

All applications must include a $200 deposit. Payment in full is due by September 1st, eleven months prior to testing. The cancellation policy is different than the regular courses because of the nature of the certification process, and is detailed below and in the application.

Please download the application for CFMT. If you have further questions, please call 970-870-9521, or send an email message to


For cancellations on or before September 1st, eleven months prior to testing: $200 is non-refundable and nontransferable.  Any balance over $200 is transferable and refundable.

For cancellations after September 1, of year prior to the Certification Week for which you are registered, the entire tuition is nontransferable and nonrefundable.  Because of the difficulty to alter one’s plans and agree to test a year or two earlier with less than one year notice, finding a replacement at that late of a date is very difficult.   However, in an emergency, in the event your position can be filled by another eligible candidate, 50% of total tuition is forfeited and 50% is refundable and transferable.  Payment in full must be received by another eligible candidate prior to any refund being issued. 

 All cancellations must be received by the IPA in writing.  Cancellation notices may be sent via email to  Email notification must be confirmed by IPA via reply email by the cancellation deadline.   If you send a cancellation notification and do not hear back from the IPA with a confirmation of request, it is imperative that you contact the IPA office. Otherwise, cancellations may also be sent by certified mail to IPA, Attn CFMT Coordinator, 1856 Lincoln, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487.  Cancellation via Certified Mail must be RECEIVED by the cancellation deadline.