REM: Resistance Enhanced Manipulation

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REM: Resistance Enhanced Manipulation

Prerequisites: One of the following FM II or FMLQ or FMUQ.
Intended Audience:  FMT® Fellows, CFMTTM graduates, and high level manual therapists with a manipulations background should attend this course.  Special requests for therapists that have not attended FMLQ and FMUQ should be sent to IPA for review.

Required Equipment: Each participant will need to bring:
2 Mobilization Belts (1.5 inches x 8 feet)  Order Mobilization Belts
1/2 Foam Roll  Order 1/2 Foam Roll
Kong Tool   Order Kong Tool
Dycem (4 x 4 square)   Order Dycem
Optional - Snowman Tool with Hat   Order Snowman Tool with Hat

If you choose to order required equipment from IPA, orders must be received three weeks prior to a course to ensure delivery before the course.  If clearly requested, and ordered at least 3 weeks prior to a course, your products may be shipped directly to the course.  All other orders will be shipped to the address given on the order.

Recommended Reading
2012 IFOMPT International Framework for Examination of the Cervical Region for potential of Cervical Arterial Dysfunction prior to Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Intervention;  Authors: Rushton A, Rivett D, Carlesso L, Flynn T, Hing W, Kerry R

It is recommended that each participant reviews the BIbliography and read any article they are unfamiliiar with prior to the course. All Course Bibliographies


This course presents the concept and procedure of Resistance Enhanced Manipulation (REM).  REM is a joint manipulation approach developed by Gregory S. Johnson, PT, FFFMT, FAAOMPT, which incorporates specific localization procedures with precise resistance that is applied at the time of the manipulation procedure.  This lab-intensive advanced course is designed for Physical Therapists with advanced Functional Manual Therapy® training and builds upon the concepts learned in the Functional MobilizationTM courses. 

Train participants in high level procedures of Functional Manipulation. Training will include:
~Resistance Enhanced Manipulations (REMs)
~Post-Manipulation Resisted Motor Control Enhancement
~Percussion Techniques

Instructor Note
The instructors advertised for the course are the intended instructors. The final number of instructors will be determined by course enrollment. Every effort is made to hold the course with the scheduled instructors. Course refunds or transfers will not be granted based on a change of instructors.

Multiple instructors are scheduled for each course. However, the actual number of instructors at a course will be determined by final enrollment.

3 Days, 24 Contact Hours

Before registering for a course you should verify approved CEUs with your state licensing board or association. State rules are subject to change. IPA courses are approved for PTs for the state in which the course is held. 

No break food will be provided during REM courses.  We suggest you bring a water bottle and feel free to bring your own snacks

Attendees agree to utilize all skills of evaluation, assessment and treatment learned in this course to the extent allowed under the regulations of their professional practice act. By registering you acknowledge that your attendance does not represent authorization by the IPA, or any of its officers, to utilize any of the material learned which may lie outside of the strict interpretation of your practice act.

Each student is expected to attend all hours of instruction to receive a Certificate of Completion. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved in writing by the IPA Directors. Please note there may be instructor changes without prior notice.

Lab Clothing
Each participant's body must be accessible for observation. Please refrain from wearing large or sharp jewelry. Also, be aware that Saturday afternoon and Sunday labs require athletic or work shoes. NO JEANS PLEASE. 
Women: Sports top or close fitting T-shirts, and shorts or sweats. 
Men: Shorts or sweats and T-shirts.
All: Warm-up suits or other clothing worn over the above described attire is advised to ensure comfort between demonstrations, as temperatures may vary in the room.

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