VCRS II: A Virtual Course on Continence, Reproduction and Sex Level Two

VCRS II: A Virtual Course on Continence, Reproduction, and Sex Level Two
Internal FMT Mobilization evaluation and treatment techniques for the inter-rectal, coccyx and prostate.  

Prerequisites: VCRS I and previous experience with internal mobilizations.

Required Experience:  A statement of experience (specific mentorship or classes taken) must be emailed to with the subject line VCRS II Experience once you purchase this course.  When received, it will be reviewed by Miranda and your acceptance confirmed.  If you are declined, a full refund for the extended session will be given.  Due to the privacy of the virtual nature of this class, men and women will be admitted.

Date:          Sunday, July 12, 2020
Hours:        3:30pm to 6:30pm Eastern Time
Registration closes at 3pm ET Thursday 7/9

Cost:          $75

Connectivity Requirement:  Video/Internet access to Zoom.  You will receive specific instructions once you register.

This is a Level 2 course designed to be taken in conjunction with VCRS I.  The class will extend the knowledge gained in VCRS I with internal mobilization techniques for the intrarectal, prostate, and intravaginal regions.  

CEUs: 3 contact hours.  Approved CEUs in CA, IL, and NY.

Required Equipment: 

      • To participate in the guided lab sessions you need to secure a model.  This can be a family member or friend, but cannot be a PT and participate in the class for free.  If using a model, the model's abdomen and pelvic region must be accessible.  
      • A treatment table, pillows, and small towels  
      • Baby wipes  
      • Personal lubricant  
      • Several pairs of non-latex gloves

    Each attendee is expected to attend all hours of instruction to receive a Certificate of Completion. Any exceptions to this policy must be pre-approved in writing by the IPA Directors.

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