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The Functional Manual Therapy® Foundation Skill Enhancing Clinical Residency, initiated in 2008, is an extension of the Institute of Physical Art’s mission statement to offer educational opportunities for Physical Therapists to achieve their optimal potential as health care providers. 

Building on the existing options of weekend continuing education, offered since 1978, a FMT Certification, offered since 1997, and a year long FMT Fellowship program, offered since 1999; the Residency program offers a new venue in which to pursue excellence and competency under the oversight of the Functional Manual Therapy® Foundation and the Institute of Physical Art.  The Functional Manual Therapy® Foundation Skill Enhancing Clinical Residency Program provides post graduate professional training for Physical Therapists wishing to enhance their professional development in the area of Orthopedics, with a focused emphasis on Functional Manual Therapy®.  This program, designed to cover the Orthopedic Description of Specialty Practice,  occurs in a supportive and challenging clinical environment which encourages the residents to discover, develop, and refine their strengths and gifts for providing excellent and state of the art Physical Therapy in the health care arena, specifically in a direct access format.

The Functional Manual Therapy® Residency couples aggressive training in orthopedic physical therapy techniques with current scientific evidence and rational to prepare the resident for effective clinical intervention.  The curriculum methodically addresses the mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control dysfunctions an orthopedic patient typically manifest.  However, given that an exposure to a diverse patient population enhances the understanding of efficient function, the curriculum also includes exposure to the neurological patient, as well as sports and geriatric populations.

What sets the FMT Skill Enhancing Clinical Residency apart?

  • A focus on optimum function not just symptoms
  • A comprehensive approach that can be used in ANY CLINICAL SETTING
  • Emphasis on automatic, non-volitional motor control and stabilization of the ENTIRE CORE
  • Utilization of graded resistance and active movement patterns while performing joint and soft tissue mobilizations
  • Assessment and treatment of the entire Kinetic Chain when pinpointing the source of symptoms 
  • Promotion of Patient Responsibility through training in CoreFirst® Strategies


Develop clinical proficiency in:

  • Evidence-based clinical reasoning
  • Advanced palpation skills
  • Advanced observation skills
  • Functional Mobilization: Active and resisted movement with joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • PNF for efficient neuromuscular activation
  • CoreFirst® Strategies for dynamic motor control with automatic core Facilitation


For more information on the Functional Manual Therapy® Foundation Skill Enhancing Clinical Residency email:

For information on the Functional Manual Therapy® Fellowship visit: FMT Fellowship

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on clinic volumes, we are not placing any Residents at this time.  We will reevaluate in 2021.